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Sa Calobra Express

From Playa de Palma

If you wish to ride the world class Sa Calobra climb with fresh legs, or simply as a way to be able to explore more of Mallorca, we transport you from Playa de Palma to the gateway of this world famous climb so that you can descend the serpentine road to the Port before climbing the famous Coll dels Reis then riding back to where you are staying. Bus Out. Bike Back.

The Sa Calobra Express takes you from outside the Palma aquarium in Can Pastilla to the aqueduct at the base of the Col dels Reis (the junction of the ma-10 and the ma-2141), the gateway to Sa Calobra. Advance booking essential as we have limited seats.

Once you have completed this brilliant day out on your bike, why not head to Nordic Roastery and treat yourself to a post ride cortado, beer or cocktail to celebrate your day. Fancy a Sa Calobra t-shirt once you have completed the climb? Ladies shirts here and mens shirts here.

Suggested return routes are below, all with the GPX files to download, including some with the additional brilliant and tranquil Cala Tuent road, or the world famous Cap Formentor route.

Sa Calobra to Playa de Palma via Puig Major, Coll de Sóller

88km with 1900m of climbing

Climb the Col dels Reis from the orange juice shack (2.5km @ 6%), then descend 9.5km before ascending the twisty and world famous Sa Calobra climb. The climbing continues from the aqueduct past Gorg Blau up to the top of Puig Major. You can then enjoy the 14km descent down to Soller. From there you will start the climb up and over Coll de Sóller (7.35km @ 6%). At the top of Coll de Sóller take time to stop at Can Topa for a refreshing drink and a bite to eat. Descend Coll de Soller and then turn off through Bunyola before returning back to Playa de Palma.

Download file: MCS068_Sa_Calobra_to_Playa_de_Palma_via_Puig_Major_Coll_de_Soller.gpx

Sa Calobra to Playa de Palma via Puig Major, Valldemossa

95km with 2000m of climbing

After completing Sa Calobra and descending Puig Major you will continue your route along the Ma-10 up and over to Deià with its beautiful tiered horse shoe shape coastline. From Deià you then climb over to Valldemossa with its quiet and picturesque streets. It has a good selection of cafes and restaurants and is famous for the coca de patata a sweet bread roll. You will descend from Valldemossa and head back to Playa de Palma.

Download file: MCS069_Sa_Calobra_to_Playa_de_Palma_via_Puig_Major_Valldemossa.gpx

Sa Calobra aqueduct to Playa de Palma via Cap de Formentor, Alaro

142km with 1900m of climbing

Taking the bus to Sa Calobra allows you to cycle North to tackle the famous Cap de Formentor route. Leaving the aqueduct and heading towards Pollença the 8.54km stretch of road slowly climbs and then dips back down to the junction of Sa Batalla and Lluc. At this junction you turn left and continue to drop down until you reach the entrance to Lluc Monastery which is an amazing site to see, and have cake and coffee. Continuing on the Ma-10 towards Pollença you climb to the top of Coll de Femenia which is one the best descents on the island. The road following the descent continues on an average of -2% all the way to Port de Pollença. Following the main road around the port you will come to the base of the first climb to the lighthouse Coll de Sa Creueta (3.74km @ 5%). There is one road out and back to the lighthouse and the dramatic scenery will take your breath away. The feeling of the ride changes as you make your way to the lighthouse from the initial winding road up the hillside with views of the bay the port. The winding cliff edge descent lined by rock face. A gradual climb up through the forest. Out along the cliff edges and through the tunnel. Then the road switch’s back and forth along the side of the range out to the final steep descent before the lighthouse. The welcoming site of the cafe is a joy but first you’ll need to take photos of the scenery which is outstanding, with a snap of the bike from various angles and with fellow riders to celebrate your achievement on reaching the Cap. You might want to eat here or have cake before retracing your route back to the port of Pollenca where you will find plenty of excellent restaurants to have lunch on the sea front. From here you ride through lanes taking in Campanet valley, Selva, Llosete and Alaro. Alaro has another great cafe to stop at called Cycling Planet. After Alaro the route returns to Playa de Palma.

Download file: MCS078_Sa_Calobra_aqueduct_to_Playa_de_Palma_via_Cap_de_Formentor.gpx

Sa Calobra to Playa de Palma via Cap de Formentor, Alaro

168km with 2800m of climbing

This is the same route as the route above but includes the famous Sa Calobra descent and climb, making the ride an epic 168 kilometres with approximately 2,800 meters of climbing.

Download file: MCS079_Sa_Calobra_to_Playa_de_Palma_via_Cap_de_Formentor.gpx

Sa Calobra to Playa de Palma via Puig Major, Deià, Port Valldemossa, Esporles

113km with 2500m of climbing

This route continues along the Ma-10 after completing Sa Calobra, Puig Major, Deià, and drops you down to the Port of Valldemossa. The road down to the port is incredibly narrow and you’ll wonder how cars drive up and down the tight hair pins. I have seen the odd van drive down to deliver the wonderful cakes to the cafe at the bottom! The 5km climb @ 7% is amazing as you’ll have more time now to take in the views. After completing the climb the road continues up and over Coll d’en Clarat. Following a twisty descent you will reach a junction where the Ma-10 continues right towards Andratx and left is the Ma-1100 down towards Esporles. In Esporles you will find a number of good cafes and restaurants or a supermarket to stock up on water and snacks. The journey from here rolls mostly down back to Playa de Palma.