Mallorca Bicycle Rescue

if bike or body break down in Mallorca

With Mallorca Bicycle Rescue, if bike or body break down, policy holders are quickly taken to their choice of either:

  • a local bike shop for repairs or
    back to their place of accommodation or
  • back to where they hired their bike

Our service is simple, effective and island wide. Don’t let Murphy’s Law spoil your visit.

We are here to help you have the best possible time when cycling in Mallorca.

Explore far and wide, secure in the knowledge that if your bike or body break down and you are unable to continue your journey, you call a central number and Mallorca Bicycle Rescue will send a vehicle to take you to the nearest bike repair facility or back to your accommodation or back to where you hired your bike, your choice.

You are here for a limited time, waiting on the roadside is probably not the best use of your day.

In Mallorca it is not simply a matter of calling a taxi if you break down as the complicated zoning laws define which taxi can go where.

If you need us, call and you’ll receive a text message with instructions how to respond on WhatsApp, including your current location. We will confirm your message and advise an estimated pick up time. 


Rental Bikes Covered?

Yes, we treat all bikes as if you are the owner, rented and borrowed ones included, whichever bicycle you stipulated when purchasing cover.


We will recover your bicycle and you if you have had a small tumble and do not wish to continue. Although if you need medical care please call an ambulance, as we are not able to render medical assistance. But, we will collect and look after your bike for you as it cannot fit in the ambulance!

Where am I taken?

You choose. Either to the nearest bicycle repair facility to get you back on the road asap, or back to where you hired your bike, or to your accommodation. Just tell us.