The brilliant climb of

Port Valldemossa

5km @ 7% average

Port Valldemossa is a bonkers climb. The road is narrow and the surface is not always great but it is brilliant, a route like this is reason enough to ride your bike. Amazing views that lead to an oasis of a Mediterranean port that is so welcoming it is difficult to leave. Take care not to eat too much – there be climbing ahead.

Port Valldemossa Climb

If you like quiet roads with lots of switchbacks, you will love the Port Valldemossa climb. Starting at sea level this 5km effort has an average gradient of 7% – providing arguably more thrills per kilometre than anywhere in Mallorca. Sharp hairpins, cliff faces and vertical drop offs await you.

Coming cycling in Mallorca? This excellent climb has to be on your todo list. Many rate is higher than Sa Calobra. Include it on the best route on the island?

The Descent

Starting one kilometre off the main ma-10, between Andratx and Pollença the surface (unlike most in Mallorca) is not great and care needs to be taken. The road is very narrow – two cars cannot pass without one of them stopping, lucky it is very quiet.

The stunning views will keep dragging your eyes away from where your tyres are going. There are loads of shady trees that line the numerous hairpins providing welcome shade on the hotter days. Arriving into the sleepy Port Valldemossa feels as if your visit has just started. Again.

The Port

There is a small car park, a few fishing boats and an excellent restaurant waiting for you at the sea level when you get there.

The surprisingly keen prices, wide choice (great cakes), good service and high quality are a little shocking when you realise how captive the market is. Portion control may need to be exercised, there be climbing ahead!

The Ascent

Once you manage to tear yourself away from the tranquility of Port Valldemossa, it is worth the effort. The steady 7% gradient does not let up and is action packed through the twists, turns and cliff faces. Enjoy.

To be aware of

Care should be taken with holidaymakers in the occasional rental car (the locals never seem to leave).

Include this climb from Andratx

Ride this brilliant climb on your route back from Andratx

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