The brilliant climb of

Port des canonge

4.6km @ 7% average
Port des Canonge features a great little down and back climb from the ma-10 at the 80km marker between Andratx and Pollença is a very scenic and worthwhile detour that will add just under 10km to your ride.

Port des Canonge Climb

Just off the world famous ma-10, at the 80km marker between Banyalbufar and Port Valldemossa this excellent swirling descent down to the small village of Port des Canonge is off well off the beaten path and is a joy to ride.

The Descent

The quiet, swooping road is surrounded by trees and offers regular glimpses of the blue sea way below. Scenery is excellent, certainly good enough for many cyclists to misjudge the tightness of the hairpin bins. This is a Mallorca Bicycle Rescue hotspot for issues such as broken hangers and damaged front wheels. Watch the road!

The Ascent

The gradient averages around 7% coming up from Port des Canonge but has a few flatter sections and a kick up to 15% for a very short section just before the top. There are almost too many hairpins to count and the scenery (yes, I know I am repeating myself) is excellent.


To be aware of

The Port des Canonge road is narrow. Although quiet, there will be the occasional tourist in a rental car looking at the stunning views, not always at you.

Some sections of the road has been resurfaced. Overall the surface is very good in places, and above average in others. Will seem like a billiard table to cyclists from the UK. Going slower rather than faster is better on the descent.

Include this climb from Andratx

Ride this brilliant climb on your route back from Andratx

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