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Another top Mallorca Cycle Route

and the only juice bar in the Tramuntana

To get to the start of one of the best cycle routes in Majorca we, 7 keen cyclists, took the Mallorca Cycle Shuttle to Valldemossa, and after around 70 minutes of travel with our bikes safe between mattresses in the custom trailer we were ready to set off to ride the 3 ports cycle route.

Thanks to the wonderful relive.cc linked to Strava for the video memory of a 120km ride with 3800m of climbing.
Download file: 3portsjuicebar.gpx

Leaving Valldemossa with a left turn onto the smooooth ma-10 and just over 9km later we were at the start of the excellent Port Des Canonge climb. Sweeping hairpins for 5km took us down to the sea. After a cheeky coffee at one of the 2 open cafés we set off up the climb. Very quiet, excellent surface and good scenery with about a 6% average to gain 300 or so metres. Well worth the small detour.

Back to the ma-10, retracing our steps to Valldemossa to get to the start of the Port Valldemossa climb which had been billed as a mini Sa Calobra. Flat for the first section, then things got very interesting. Breathtaking corners on a narrow road with an OK surface that made us more cautious and limited our descending speed. No traffic at all on the 5km descent, the only signs of other human life were a few lady climbers who seemed to be having a great time ascending one of the sheer cliff faces.

We stopped again for coffee, this time with some excellent cake at the sole restaurant in the Port of Valldemossa which proved to be a very nice place. Friendly staff, great cake and very reasonable prices. I shall be returning here for a meal having watched the catch of the day being delivered by boat. Up the climb, 5km @7% with a 350m gain in altitude. The average surface is not an issue at all going up and the scenery is brilliant. Mini Sa Calobra indeed, easier to ride, very quiet, very scenic – this climb is already on next years itinerary. Loved it.

Back on the ma-10 we covered the undulating road through the trees and occasional coastal view to the quaint town of Deiá; onwards through Sóller and up the longest cycle climb in Majorca to the top of Puig Major where we were pleasantly surprised to find a brand new surface and both tunnels now with lights. Down past the fairly full Cúber and Gorge Blau reservoirs (which I believe supply Palma with water) and then left at the Roman aqueduct for the short ascent to the top of the Col dels Reis (the sign must have just been cleaned as there were no stickers at all on it!).

This descent to Port Sa Calobra and the climb out never gets old – such a thrill to zoom around the 270 degree necktie corner and fly down towards the port. As we arrived at a fairly busy time, rather than join a queue behind a couple of coaches we pulled over to wait for a few minutes whilst the road cleared. Then we went past the photographer from Mallorca Cycling Photos who we saw later got some excellent action shots of us (chests puffed and and bellies mostly in). Choosing not to stop at Port Sa Calobra we went straight back up the climb, reason enough for me to come to Mallorca. Hard but manageable. Three of us managed PB’s to further improve the groups mood!

We elected to push on to the newish cycling café Sa Ruta Verda on the outskirts of Caimari for a change which is touted as the only juice bar in the Tramuntana range rather than stop for refreshments at the aqueduct or the Repsol Garage / café at the top of the Col de Sa Batatia. Glad we did as Sa Ruta Verda is a brilliant stop. Coffee, juice, seeded bagels, good range of cakes (some vegan), t-shirts, caps, spares. This place rocks and the owner Lennart, a reformed banker (but now all round good guy – making up for previous misdemeanors maybe! ) who with his brilliant juice bar is a great addition to the cycling community in Mallorca.

Back through the lanes via Campanet and then a couple of much needed recovery beverages and more good food at Tolo’s. A fantastic day. Mallorca Cycle Shuttle – excellent. Port des Canonge – excellent. Port Valldemossa – excellent. Puig Major – long! Sa Ruta Verda – excellent. Tolo’s – even under new ownership – excellent.

R. Stanford. W. Sussex February 2018.

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