Unavoidable Price Rise

First price rise since we started back in 2015

Mallorca Cycle Shuttle seating

To us, making a profit must never come at the expense of our staff or at the expense of safety.

These are different times we live in and unfortunately a price rise has become unavoidable. We have held the same shuttle prices since we started in 2015 and we have fought against the rising tide of inflation for as long as we could, but finally and very sadly, we have reluctantly been forced to raise our prices.

  • We wish to pay decent salaries to our hard working team.
  • We wish to invest and maintain our vehicles correctly.
  • We wish look after our customers as best we can.

We can no longer do these important things without a fare increase. We think most of our loyal customers will understand and see the need in society for businesses that support rather than drain the community. We love you guys, thanks for everything. 

We understand there may be cheaper options out there that you find better suited to your budget, but we stand by our efficient use of your valuable time, your safety, our friendliness and the way we look after all your precious bikes (personal and rental we treat them all with kid gloves).

How to get the best ticket prices.

There are options to reduce the new ticket prices: (no, sitting in the trailer is not one!)

  1. There are now two ticket choices for each destination, a Flexi ticket which allows one date or destination change and a Standard ticket (€2.50 less) which does not allow any changes. 
  2. If you purchase in advance and purchase bike rescue at the same time, please use this discount code EARLY23COMBO which allows a 15% discount on the overall price. This voucher will only be valid until the season starts in late February. Advance booking helps with our advance planning.

Here is to an amazing 2023! We wish you all an amazing time here and look forward to doing the best we can to help.

Mallorca Cycle Shuttle - 300+ scheduled bike buses each year to the start of the bucket list routes; Mallorca Bicycle Rescue in case bike or body break down; 365/24/7 Private airport transfers for cyclists and now the Sa Calobra Express for PB attempts with fresh legs.